Make More Money By Making Your Employees Happy

Congrats! Your business is growing and you have the right team to build your brand in paintless dent repair. Did you know you could make more money by making your employees happy? This is not assuming that your business atmosphere isn’t happy but most businesses focus more on larger profits. The lack of attention to employees can actually cost a company. Do you remember starting out in PDR, whether under a professional or taking courses, and feeling the support from your teacher? When employees feel that the company takes more interest in the dollar than the heart it can lower productivity, efficiency, and steal your workers of the warmth you felt learning PDR. It costs the company time and money to train new workers because of the resignation or loss of workers. So what can you do to keep the best employees and keep them happy?

  1. Keep your promises: Raises and days off shouldn’t suddenly change. It will cause your employees not to trust your word and have resentment towards the company.
  2. Find what’s important: Do you know what is important to your employees? Find it and give it to them.
  3. Reward Hard-work: Companies offer certain holidays off to recognize their employees hard work and promote the brand as family first/friendly.
  4. Fix Problems: Empower your employees with the tools they need to put a smile back on their faces. Don’t let problems keep getting worse.
  5. Employee Growth: Allowing your employees to build their education in paintless dent repair not only makes them stronger but also more profitable specialized employee.


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