The Current Paintless Dent Repair Blog…Get Ready For Summer!

The Current Paintless Dent Repair Blog…Get Ready For Summer 2017, not summer 2 years ago like some PDR blogs. What does the summer season mean for the paintless dent repair technician. If you position yourself correctly is could mean a more a more profitable season. We have to think outside the box of just repairing hail damage, where can we market ourselves for summer business?

Think about it, crowded beaches, crowded amusement parks= more cars in all of these areas. Parking lot damage is huge in the summer months and people want these dents fixed quickly and at a price that won’t ruin their summer. Here is where the PDR technician comes to the rescue. Get your name out there in neighborhoods, and in high traffic areas that allow advertising.

Another great place you should visit in the summer is car rental locations. The car rental business explodes in the summer. These places have damages galore on their vehicles that they have to come out of pocket to pay for. The managers of these branches are always looking for new ways to keep these costs down. Visit an office with a pricing sheet a your contact information, and of course photos of your work…they are sure to give you a call.

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