Using Instagram For Your PDR Business

Instagram has reported over 100 million users worldwide and everyone is using it… Android, iPhone, iPads and tablets all have the Instagram application! Instagram users include big brands like Starbucks, NBC news, and major car companies, not to mention the faces you see on TV everyday. Brands from everywhere are turning to Instagram to engage customers and extend their business reach.

With all of these brands choosing Instagram as a marketing tool, why not explore the possibilities of your own paintless dent repair bushiness utilizing it’s own Instagram account.

1. Show What You Have – With Instagram you can take and add the photos of the services that you are offering. Images of customers vehicles with the hash tag #paintlessdentrepair or #paintlessdentremoval are a great start. Potential and existing customers would love to see before and after images of their cars!

2. What Are They Doing?- One of the amazing things you can do with images is to share parts of your company with your viewers. Share your employees and their part in building your company. People love to feel a part of a company that recognizes the efforts of all. Share pictures of your employees working around your shop, even enjoying a lunch break. Don’t have employees working for you yet, no problem. Share pictures of your training process, or marketing attempts.

3. Take It Social – Connect your Instagram site to all of your social sites. Share across your networking world. People that enjoy social media will enjoy it on this platform also!

4. Share Your Product Use – Show pictures of how many ways paintless dent repair can be used. Show photos of hail if that’s the type of dents you repair in your area. Paintless dent repair is still new to some people, educate them through your photos showing different size dents that can be repaired. You can even have some fun and show pictures of all the types of cars that PDR can be used on!

5. Build Relationships – Your images have the potential to make friends, build relationships and most importantly find potential business. When posting the picture of your work, employees or car photos ask questions in your caption. Engage your viewers. Ask open ended questions and be sure to answer them. There are a lot of viewers who will take the time to answer them.

6. Get Your Viewers Excited – When you’re about to work on a new car, send out teaser shots of the car but only to those that are following you. You can make it fun by sending out snap shots of pieces, perhaps you could even make it a contest. The first person able to describe the car wins a discount or free car wash. Next, you could do the same contest for all of the public. Again, first person to guess the type of car you are about to work on wins it. If you are a mobile paintless dent repair business give clues with your photos about your next destination? Work the contest the same way.

Instagram is a great potential marketing tool and the best part is you can use it at your convenience. Give Instagram a try for your paintless dent repair business!


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