Making Resolutions Stick for your PDR Business

Making resolutions stick for your pdr business can seem easy at the start…until you have to keep consistant change. Here are some simple tips to help you not just declare a resolution, but to actually make it stick!

  • Focus

Running your own business can pull you in a million different directions, especially if you are a one or two person operation. Whatever your resolution is, make sure it becomes a focus for you on a daily basis. Other tasks are important, but your goal needs to be made a priority.

  • Innovate

Don’t make a new resolution and then try the same way to achieve it as you have in the past. Make 2013 the year of innovation for you and your PDR business. Keep up on training, and increasing your business knowledge. This will enable you to attack your resolution with new and creative solutions.

  • Communicate

The more people you let in on your resolution, the more likely you are to keep it. Discuss what your goals are with people you trust, and solicit advice. If you work with a staff, it is critical that you share your resolutions with them. Your team is your best resources when it comes to creating an environment to support your resolution. The only way to make this happen is to communicate it with them.

Good Luck!


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