Paintless Dent Repair Scammers

Paintless dent repair scammers ruin an otherwise great profession. They pose as knowledgeable technicians who will fix a huge or small dent at a ridiculously low cost. This blog is to cover the red flags as a customer and what not to do as a PDR technician.

Parking Lot Salesman

“I can take that dent out of your car body for cheap!” If you’ve heard this in a parking lot I hope you politely declined because you were/are the target of a paintless dent repair scammer. Paintless dent repair scammers find you in a parking lot, offer to remove minor dents from your car, claim they do small jobs on the side for more income, and will do it for 1/4 the price any shop would charge. It all seems like a lucky coincidence until you see the after math of their generous offer. They end up doing a lousy or horrible job and make your vehicle worse with they inadequate pdr tools and lack of skills. There is never any written contract or paperwork. You’re lucky if you even get a real name of the PDR scammer.

Pay Nothing If You Are Not Satisfied

“Don’t worry. If you are not satisfied with the job you pay nothing. Nothing at all. So lets begin!” What they don’t tell you is that when they’re done with their bad paintless dent removal they’ll still expect pay. They will turn from a kind friend to a terror. Saying YOU are the one scamming them by not wanting to pay amount owed. They will make you feel guilty for not paying and try to bully you into paying. They set up absurd scenarios like calling a tow truck to seize your car and put a mechanic’s lien on it. How could this get any worse?

White Paste Cover-Up

You’ve paid off your terrorizing paintless dent repair scammer and have finally gotten home. The pdr tech says a paste is set to seal the fix. However, when you return and wipe off the paste you see the con artist caused more damage and didn’t fix the problem. The white paste is used to hide the original damage and now the even more noticeable damage the paintless dent removal scammer caused. Before you can contact the cops or even rant on Facebook with a mug shot of the scammer, the paintless dent repair scammer is long gone.

The moral of the story is even if it costs more money it is better to visit a reputable shop with high quality tools, like our paintless dent repair tools and accessories. Don’t get trumped by a paintless dent repair scammer. The worst part is now the damage is harder to take out and you owe even more money to repair.


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