Fix Your Bumper With Hot Water

Did you know you can fix your bumper with hot water? Okay, so this technique won’t work every time nor on every dent but in this front bumper case… IT WORKED! Car hacks and diy pdr are everywhere and this one was found on YouTube. Not many we believe but this doesn’t look like a fluke. However, please review the damage on your vehicle first. Attempting any auto body repairs without conventional paintless dent repair tools is risky.


Many videos look real and turn out to be pranks. Imagine thinking you’ve found the best way to save $$$. Your prep your hair dryer, hanger, and glue instead of pdr tools or calling for help. Professionals use the right paintless dent removal tools because after hours and hours of training they’ve learned the do’s and don’ts. During your “genius” repair job you suddenly push too much and make a deep dent on the other side or worse lose your grip and scratch your paint or hurt yourself. All due to a silly video you placed your trust in and not using any pdr tools your car now costs more to repair. Be wary, if it seems to good to be true…it probably is!

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