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Welcome to an amazing opportunity. Extraordinary PDR tool job opportunities are small but we are opening our paintless dent repair shop to three new employees. B&D Innovative Tools is known as a business that works with its workers to build a healthy work environment. We focus on teaching the craft to workers who have a passion to learn and encourage workers to stay 2+ years with our company.

B&D Innovative Tools works as a team to build paintless dent repair tools and accessories with high quality materials and excellent customer service. You will be responsible of learning how to produce quality tools through metal work, welding, grinding, polishing, etc. We require our workers have the ability to work and learn quickly. We are investing in you! Our most experienced tool manufacturer pulled from the line to properly teach you how to make tools safely and efficiently. You will require a valid driver’s license, interest in making tools, and overall motivation to learn.

We are ready to offer competitive wages, great training, and a drug free work environment. Positions range from temporary to full time employment. We are offering multiple positions at our Santa Ana, CA location only. Contact us today!

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