Golf Balls Dented My Car!

If you’ve parked your car at a gold course you’ve either experienced golf ball damage to your vehicle or know someone who has.

The good news is most golf ball dents, dings, and damages to your car or boat are often the best candidates for paintless dent repair. If your car also got scratched we recommend going to a paintless dent repair service for the dent and have the scratches touched up separately. This can save you a lot of money over using a full service body shop. If you’re looking to DIY check out our PDR training courses and high quality PDR tools and accessories.

Our staff is filled with paintless dent repair technicians and enthusiasts. B&D Innovative Tools employees ensure that your paintless dent removal repair is assessed and repaired properly. Depending on the damages our customer service team will either direct you towards PDR technicians or a tool set that includes an FREE instructional DVD. So even if your dents and dings seem large to you, give us a call at 714.742.0520.

Why should I even repair it?

Repairing your vehicle not only returns its visual appeal but also maintains its value. The value of repairs only increases as the dents and dings appear and are not fixed. You may be surprised at how low cost paintless dent removal repairs are compared to full service body shops. It’s comparable to changing your tires. You drive and drive and decide your tires are still safe to drive on. The shop offers you a cheaper deal now to switch them but you don’t see why it’s important. Then suddenly a tire pops and you’re using your donut. Then another tire gets a flat. As you head to the shop your urgent switch now has a spike in cost. Sometimes preparing and addressing the issue now can save you a lot of time and frustration later.

So why learn to repair it myself?

Now don’t forget professionals do a great job every time. The bonus to learning PDR yourself is investing in you making the repairs and saving money in the long run. You can even open your own little traveling paintless dent removal business. Just as any skill, it takes time to learn. Knowing which tools are best in different cases and how to remain safe as they are completed.

So lets get started! B&D Innovative Tools is located in Santa Ana, California and gives day classes upon request. You’ve got nothing to lose but those unsightly dents. So contact us today for a FREE No Obligation Consultation.

And the next time you go golfing, take your wife’s car.

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