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Other category refers to all the essentials that help with making the paintless dent repair process easier, from chairs to tool carts. B&D forges it’s tools and accessories to deliver consistent durability without breaking prematurely. Furthermore, B&D is a USA manufacturer that prides itself in making the best accessories and tools.
Why B&D Other
First of all, quality tools save you time and money. Not to mention B&D high quality tools last much, MUCH longer! Due to the increase in low quality tools that steal our designs we have made some big changes. We let our extraordinary team of craftsmen forge superior products and challenge pdr tools to be better, stronger, more reliable. B&D believes your paintless dent removal tools are more than tools, they’re your livelihood. Because we guarantee to make the best tools and accessories on the market, all our items come with a lifetime warranty. While other companies outsource we manufacture our custom made tools and accessories in the United States of America.

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