15-50 PSI High Quality Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit

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15-50 PSI High Quality Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit

15-50 PSI High Quality Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit ‘s air consumption is between 9.5 and 14.8 CFM and an air inlet of 1/4 inches. The cup capacity is 20 ounces and nozzle size is at 0.054 inches. HVLP gives you more consistent coverage with less overspray than conventional spray guns. Heavy duty nylon gravity cups guarantee durability and longevity. Because of its design this kit has excellent precision. In addition, if you are concerned about the environment you’d be happy to know this kit is better for the environment and saves money in material costs.

15-50 PSI High Quality Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit – Application

Since pdr isn’t easy, here are a few application tips. The most challenging part is paint matching. Due to the many different shades and textures, punching the factory paint code gets you 90 percent of the way to matching the color, a specialized eye must find a way to get the leftover 10 percent to get a perfect match. Have you ever seen a vehicle with three different colors of black? Maybe that technician didn’t see the importance in true color matching. Finally, after tediously deciding how to color match and texture match you can begin the painting process. Refer to the paint instructions based on the brand of auto body paint you use. Remember to make even strokes and to take your time. If possible review the car in the sunlight for color variation or texture variation before returning to the client. 

Why B&D

Buying a quality tool will save you from lots of time lost trying to repair damaged tools made of cheap materials. You risk the chance of damaging yourself with overseas unbranded tools. Not to mention B&D high quality tools last much, MUCH longer! We pride ourselves to have an extraordinary team of craftsmen whose knowledge, experience, and creativity produce B&D’s superior products. B&D believes your paintless dent removal tools are more than tools, they’re your livelihood. In conclusion, we guarantee to make the best lifter on the market! Our lifetime warranty and USA manufacturing doesn’t hurt either.

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