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Are Your New Hires Quitting?

Are Your New Hires Quitting?

Are Your New Hires Quitting?

Are your new hires quitting after a few days? In a study placed in March 2017 nearly all executives surveyed believe that retention of new hires is an issue in their business.

Anyone involved in recruitment of staff knows a lot of time and effort is used to hopefully recruit top talent. After extensive interviews and more it’s a loss to the company if they resign or quit. Especially when as many as a 25% of new hires will quit in their first six months.

The paintless dent repair tools industry is sadly also susceptible to bad worker turnover. To train as a manufacturer or a technician at a reputable location costs a lot to the company. Manufacturers give technician courses at lower cost in hopes that after the course you’ll continue purchasing their pdr tools and scheduling advanced classes. They also give paid training to employees in manufacturing pdr tools and accessories. Training slows down production and costs the company weeks to months until they trust the new employee to perform to high standards. PDR shops have a similar deficit in training new technicians due to the focus being split between the new recruit, the work, and the client.

So why do new recruits learn a skill then leave?

Reasons New Employees Leave

  1. Job Offer
  2. Company Fit
  3. Life Fit says these are five reasons to look at for why an employee leaves your business. Paintless dent removal does start as a cost to the employer or employee before it becomes lucrative to either. Some people take a job and receive a better offer else where. Encourage your employee and wish them the best. Why? Because their positive experience from hiring to resignation can lead to positive marketing down the road to another potential candidate. Them leaving is a negative to costs but also adds to overall positive branding, positive reviews on social media and recruitment sights, and potential for them to return if things change.

Another reason could be the company fit. The article presents the idea of walking into a party or an event and having the thought “I don’t belong here”. It’s an uncomfortable and awkward feeling when experienced in the workplace can influence an employee to seek a different profession. Having a strong network and friends at work makes for happy workers. Positive brand recognition is important. Don’t let bad marketing cause you to lose or never hear from highly qualified candidates. Reviews stating your paintless dent removal business yells at people who leave and holds paychecks til the last minute isn’t good at all. If you’re struggling we encourage you to hire a strong marketing department and use reputation management services like BirdEye.

Nobody wants a career that doesn’t help them in life. A competitive wage is a significant factor. It is a bad idea to higher a candidate at a lower wage and/or benefits than offered in the area. A difficult commute can also lead to a bad life fit. Location of applicants is important to keep workers and owners happy in the end. If it’s not an easy commute, emotionally drains them, and doesn’t increase their life monetarily…they won’t be staying long. All things to consider when hiring or considering hiring new workers. Remember new candidates could still be hearing from job applications given months prior. So, setup your newest hires and your company for longer term success together. Work together to have a clear view of the work expected at your company and in their job. Support towards their success is a proper work relationship.

Short term vs Long term

There are two types of workers. The short term and long term. In the PDR Tools and paintless dent repair technician fields the priority is the long term worker. However, you can turn a short term employees mindset to longterm with proper training. Encouraging your staff to be successful and competent impacts their self esteem and happiness. State of the American Workforce lists feeling successful in one’s job is a key factor.

According to the survey by Gallup, “Sixty percent of employees say the ability to do what they do best in a role is ‘very important’ to them. Male and female employees, and employees of all generations, place the greatest importance on this aspect of a job.” Setting expectations for candidates and employees alike leads to better success. Give interview candidates a clear insight to the job and the paintless dent repair business. Focus on presenting the paintless dent repair profession as an ever evolving and lucrative. There are many places to specialize and give them a road map towards them being an entrepreneur in the pdr world one day.

Manufacturing businesses should look for young and eager candidates who live close to the business. Ask what knowledge they have about auto repair and hail damages. Also verify they are open to learning multiple methods in a short time frame. Most of all be sure to check what their long term goals are and if they correlate with the companies growth plan.

Shops should ideally find candidates with experience in auto body repairs or cars in general. Make sure they don’t mind investing in their own education in paintless dent repair. B&D offers day classes for instance but some people won’t sacrifice for a skill, those are undesirable candidates.

If unsure about a candidate, ask them if they are looking for a job or a career. The job candidate needs a paycheck and you should direct them in easy to teach skills first so if they leave it won’t be as big a loss. If they stay you have a better understanding how quick they learn and are able to execute the job. The career candidate is focused on staying long term and after a testing probation period should be encouraged in some way that they are advancing quickly in pdr. Put your time into employees that will bring in money but don’t neglect any short term employees because they are also a marketing tool for the business. Negative worker reviews are just as toxic to a paintless dent repair removal business as client interviews and comments.


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