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How To Get Traffic To Your Website FAST

How To Get Traffic To Your Website FAST

How To Get Traffic To Your Website FAST

How to get traffic to your website FAST is as easy as 1…2…3…

You’ve started your journey into the fast paced and lucrative career of paintless dent repair removal. You have the experience, a few consistent customers, and now a new website. Now the question is how do you get traction to your new website. It can be overwhelming or confusing when pay per click ad companies want you to commit to a year or charge $1 per click. So, let’s talk about how to get traffic to your website – fast.

Email Signature

People remember to sign their name at the bottom of emails but they tend to miss this opportunity to promote their new website. You can simply add your email signature to start generating traffic to your website. All of the largest email services provide the ability to customize and pre-set your signature to appear bellow your email messages. If you want to add more attention to your website you can even add a “special offer”.

For example:

Best regards,
Nancy Gonzalez

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Email Contacts

It’s a surprise how many people miss this easy step. Send an email to all your contacts announcing the launch of your new website. If you want to start working quick you can email them a special offer for friends and family, etc. WARNING Do not over saturate your contacts with emails. Only email people who have given you permission to email them and won’t view your email as SPAM. If promoted right they might even share your business email or through word of mouth.

Social Media

These days most people have phones, tablets, or laptops close by. It is a strong  benefit to you to utilize such sites as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Let others know that you’ve got the skills to fix their hail damage right. Promote yourself at work by showing before and after shots. Instagram and Facebook stories are great to show progress of how you work and smiling with a happy customer is an added bonus. The focus should be on what benefits the viewer if they work with you.

Cross Promotion

Do you have a fellow friend in car sales or in an auto body shop business? Great! Invite them out to lunch and prepare your pitch on cross promoting each others brands. Getting your names out there in the same category not only catches Googles eye but also helps you share loyal customers. They could buy a car from your friend and get referred to you after a dent. Such instances help the sellers keep customers happy and sends you business again and again.

Blogs Are Your Friend

Blogs are similar to social media in the respect that its another medium to get your name and skills out there. Whether its writing your own or offering to write a blog post for a friends blog, it’s all good marketing. A good rule of thumb is to not focus on selling but instead engagement to impress readers to visit your website. You want to be relevant in paintless dent repair methods and techniques. And don’t forget to return the favor by making your audience available to your friend.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC, Pay per click, paper click – are a way to pay when people click on your ad and goes to your website. Pay Per Click can be effective in generating traffic that leads to sales. The only danger is choosing the wrong key words. In 24hrs you can spend $500 on clicks and have no sales. Do your research and play smart when using PPC. Google AdWords for instance is easy to set up and are still the largely most used search engine.


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