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Career VS Job

career vs job

Career VS Job

Have you ever wondered what the difference of a career vs job? A job is something you do to earn an income. Career advancement is something that don’t interest you at all. In several years, you’ll most likely not be doing anything like your current job. A job is easy cash in your pocket. A career provides the backbone of skills and experiences that will fuel your professional life for years to come. So the question is, how do you follow your passion? Should you follow your passion?

A Comparative Example: Auto Repair Store Clerk

Most people treat auto repair store clerking as a job. They do what is asked of them within their hours. They listen to the manager and watch the clock until their shift is over. A job is a way to trade some time for some cash. They don’t see this job as a life long profession but merely just a few bucks in their pocket towards food and rent.

Others treat it as more than a job. These people aspire to climb the ranks or open their own auto repair store. They take the work seriously. There’s no wasting time. They are hands on cleaning their area, learning how the paintless dent repair and accounting procedures work, and other auto repair knowledge. Often these go-getters get promoted to assistant manager and continue until they are head manager or own their own location.

The Point: Passion VS Paycheck

Now ask yourself this question: Do I wanted to be promoted at some point or do I just need to collect a paycheck? If you just need a paycheck then you don’t have any use of becoming emotionally involved in your work. Only complete the tasks as assigned and conserve your emotional and mental energy for the other pieces of your life. If you aspire to use this experience towards other things, then turn on the passion!

Paintless dent repair is different in salary based on whether you treat it as a job or a career. If you work in a shop and just to the bare minimum then don’t expect for your employer to go above and beyond to supply you with advancement in title or wage. If you work hard, in and out  of the shop, you are paying forward to your success. Potentially working towards either owning that location or establishing enough knowledge to base your own.

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