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Marketing Your Brand!

Marketing Your Brand

Marketing Your Brand!

We’ve talked about how social media and its social networking sites has exploded in its use and popularity and how it can be used to enhance your Paintless Dent Repair business. So how can you make your social content stand out from the other businesses vying for your customers attention…video!

The use and success of online videos has proven to all in doubt, that people are indeed more likely to watch a video than to read textual content. This has been proven to be most true and effective on sites like Facebook where people are 12 times more likely to engage with video than text based posts.

Video has also proven to be powerfully useful for bloggers of all types who are not comfortable with their writing skills. These bloggers can successfully convey stories, messages, and encouragement without having to write their content. Maybe some of you aren’t too comfortable with your grammar and writing skills, but hey jumping in front of a camera is more your thing.You can talk about the customer service you offer, your availability, show off recent work you have done even introduce employees.

Additionally, through the use of video, there is an chance that a video can go viral which heads to conversions. We all know a video doesn’t have to be perfect to go viral. What was the last video to catch your attention on YouTube? Little tip: A viral video is more powerful than a 30 second TV ad spot and your cost is free compared to the thousands spent to the TV ad.

Video tells your brand story better and more personally than any text can. It provides you with the opportunity to show your audience your personality. You’re not just a brand without a face, now you’re a brand with a personality relate-able on every level. Walk around and interview your customers and your employees. You are now engaging with your social media audience on a very personal level and in an entertaining way!

Simple Is Best – Don’t over think your video. So many never use video because they think it has to be cinema quality. Nothing can be farther from the truth.The more simple and authentic, the better your response. People don’t want to just be sold to or talked down to. Your audience wants simple, and honest. They want to relate and engage. Video marketing does that for you!

So give it a try! I would love to see your videos and give you feedback, post them on my Facebook page.


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