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How To Start A Mobile Car-Detailing Business

How To Start A Mobile Car-Detailing Business

How To Start A Mobile Car-Detailing Business

Mobile car-detailing is an ever growing business. Many paintless dent repair technicians have considered broadening their specialty to increase revenue. If you plan on starting such a business you’ll be surprised to find out it’s not as easy as grabbing a sponge and a bucket of sudsy water.

Financial & Social Freedom

Having the ability to choose your hours frees you up to more control of your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a new job, new skill, or to add to your current mobile paintless dent repair business; mobile car-detailing is a great option to consider. If done properly and ethically you can travel locally, make people happy by saving them time, and establish more financial stability for your household.

Essential Tools Of The Trade

Access to water and an electrical supply is your first hurdle. Especially if you plan to do your business in random parking lots. Consider purchasing a water supply tank with a pump and hose. This gives you control of your water supply and the pressure. Also purchasing a portable generator is a great way to always have power when the location you’re working at doesn’t have permissible access. If you do have access however its good to be prepared with the proper hoses and extension cords.

Detail Day Promotion

What is a Detail Day Promotion? This is a great way to get customers all in one place. Detail Day Promotion is an offer you can present to churches, businesses, nonprofit organizations, etc. Even though this takes some leg work to get the word out it is known to give great results. Set a date and pass out fliers to the secretary to hand out to employees and their customers. Ideally you give a discounted rate with add-ons to ride up costs but still look appealing to prospective customers.

Are you having a hard time getting the YES? You can also contact such organizations as non profits and churches with the offer of donating a percentage of the profits to their organization. Also never forget a dozen donuts for the business through the secretary can really open people up to giving the yes.


I don’t think I need to tell you that you are the face of your business. To open potential customers to your business you must be viewed as reputable. Dress appropriate and clean, have acceptable priced services, and don’t forget to check back until you get the yes but don’t be overly pushy. Setting a date it important. Waiting for them to set a date is a bad idea because usually you end up being forgotten. Give them two to three days to pick from and set it as an open date that can be changed later. This commits them to your services and you’re less likely to be filed away in the trash. Other great marketing ploys along with the face to face and fliers is the use of environmentally friendly products. Many people are realizing their foot print on the environment and adding “environmentally friendly” could be the ticket to you getting the yes. They may be more expensive but they are far safer to use on their vehicle and around yourself as well.


Some blogs don’t give enough fair warning about the bad side of different topics. At B&D Innovative Tools we are going to share it all, from the good to the bad of mobile car-detailing.

Mobile car-detailing is physically demanding. It requires lots of stamina to complete the high-quality work expected. Its imperative that you keep yourself healthy enough to complete the work you promise your customers. Having the ability but taking up more time to complete it because you’re tired will anger your clients and could cost you word of mouth sales.

Have you considered purchasing business insurance? Consider the scenario that you are working on a vehicle and the buffing machine causes circles or a ding on the vehicle. Or you’re training someone to help you out in mobile car-detailing and they spill non-diluted chemical on the vehicle resulting in damages. You will be on private property but if any “oops” moment occurs you’ll be happy you invested in business insurance.



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