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Quick And Magical Paintless Dent Removal

quick and magical paintless dent removal

Quick And Magical Paintless Dent Removal

Have you seen the As Seen On TV “Pops-a-Dent”? Supposedly it’s quick and magical paintless dent removal. The Test Dummies on YouTube present their review on the product and it is no surprise.

Product Promises

  1. Easy way to make dents disappear
  2. Used by dent removal professionals
  3. Anyone can do it!

Easy Way To Make Dents Disappear – FALSE

First off, paintless dent removal repair tools from a licensed manufacturer are always superior. Paintless dent repair professionals use high quality pdr tools to make excellent and lasting repairs. Other products sadly don’t hold up to the needs to actually repair damages. High quality pdr tools are made of strong materials that have been vigorously tested. Commercial brand products, like the one shown in the video, are not made to withstand multiple damage repairs and often break or hurt the consumer. Luckily it didn’t break during the reviewers demonstration but it also didn’t pop dents after 5x applications. The live demonstration in the video shows the large dent came out but the glue stuck to the car. The team then says sadly after finally getting the glue off…THE DENT CAME BACK!

Used By Dent Removal Professionals – HALF TRUTH

The product reports to be used by professional paintless dent repair technicians. This is only half true, as reported by the reviewers, since it is similar to only one type of pdr tool used by professionals. They estimate a standard pdr tool kit to cost roughly $250 (Our starter kit is only $190.00!) and Pops-a-Dent is only $19.99. The price tag is a red flag. Pops-a-Dent glue is odd because it’s traditional craft glue. The reviewers also note the glue remains stuck to the car every application. Real pdr glue is made for different climates to guarantee no matter your geological location the hold is strong but won’t damage the car. The directions give a temperature range for application that still doesn’t help in removing dents.

Anyone Can Do It! – FALSE

Not everyone can successfully make paintless dent repairs. This tool is easy to use but the statement “anyone can do it!” is misleading. Beginners take courses and work alongside veteran paintless dent removal technicians because pdr isn’t something learned in a day. It takes commitment, time, and experience to become a paintless dent removal professional. Anyone can become a paintless dent repair tech! Contact Us for more information on the qualifications and the day classes offered at our Santa Ana location.

Quick And Magical Paintless Dent Removal – FALSE

Be careful with As Seen On Tv PDR tools. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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