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Small Business Advice By Donald Trump

Small Business Advice By Donald Trump

Small Business Advice By Donald Trump

Before he was our president, Donald Trump was a celebrity and established entrepreneur. Small business advice by Donald Trump is easy to find now since the expanse of social media. While he may be a controversial man, one can not deny he is a strategic and successful businessman. He’s an interesting figure of our time. Here’s a collection of some of his advice from YouTube and our view on them in paintless dent removal.

“Location, location, location”

“Location is important but the people behind the deal are much more important than the location” Trump knows the location gets more traffic but the real sales are due to the person selling. Remember your paintless dent repair shops location should be easy to find. But most importantly you and/or your employees should be able to sell the business as trustworthy, efficient, clean, and reliable. People make money.

“The Art of the Deal”

“Negotiation is a very very delicate part” Trump says negotiation is not learned but we have to differ. However, he is correct that it is a very delicate part. If you don’t know how to negotiate there is no way to really make a business thrive. You have to be able to negotiate with customers, suppliers, shipping, marketing, etc. You need to be a person with many hats. Don’t come off too strong to the timid supplier head. You’ll find learning the art of the deal most favorable when you hit a hard road block. For instance, what if you get a sudden increase in door jammers because your marketer promoted it perfectly. Great! But oh no, you don’t have enough steel or men in the shop to get the orders out in time. The best thing to do is practice if you’re not good at it or hire a specialized salesman who can work the art of the deal in your favor.

“Don’t Negotiate With Underlings.”

“Sales can be tough. I learned at a very young age that you have to deal with the boss.” It’s true. You can do the run around with a company through emails and phone calls with several different employees. And yet a quick meeting with the owner sets up stainless steel deliveries much quicker. Don’t make it harder on yourself. Whenever you can, just take it up with the boss.

“A Deal’s a Deal”

“Once you make a deal with someone it’s really important to carry it through. You start developing the wrong reputation it makes it impossible to make future deals. Once you shake hands that should be it” Sadly the more knock off and unrepeatable businesses grow the deals a deal motto is not followed. If you state it’s only $48.00 don’t knock it up to $68.99 after checkout. That’s unfair to you and your customers. If you agreed on paying the 3rd of each month, then pay it on time. The more you don’t follow through on your promises the more negative reviews your paintless dent removal business will get. You follow through on your deals and make sure others do to.

“Stand Up For Yourself”

“You’ve always got to stand up for yourself…because basically no one else is going to fight for you.” This is a big one. Don’t let yourself be treated poorly. This is a business and it’s a dog eat dog world. Stand up for yourself, your brand, your workers, etc. Don’t over pay on product when you’ve been a loyal buyer for 10 years. Don’t let them increase evaluation on shipping when the market shows no change. Stand up for yourself and let it be known you run a fare paintless dent repair business and won’t let them walk all over you.

“You Have To Love It”

“..If they don’t love it then they’ll never ever be successful.” This is true for the owner as much as the employees. Paintless dent repair is on the rise and if you love it you’ll earn far more. Owners and employees who love what they’re doing put extra energy into repairs, show real care in customer service, and make it to work with a smile. Also employee retention in paintless dent repair removal is higher when the workers are happy and not searching for work else where.

Did you enjoy our quick small business advice by Donald Trump? Hear the full thing at YouTube.

Or do you think he gives bad advice? Share with us in the comments section below what you’d like to hear about next.

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