What Does Your Timeline Say About You?

What does your time line say about you, your brand, your pdr ability? Without question, Facebook remains the popular choice in terms of social media marketing platforms. The majority of its innovative updates are geared towards its regular users rather than business pages, but with the new Facebook timeline business pages need to make some changes too!

So how do you use the new look of Facebook’s timeline to positively affect your paintless dent repair business? You can make both the new look and feel work for you. Here’s how:

1. Your Users Want To Know About Milestones– Using milestones creates trust and loyalty. Your customers feel as though they know you personally. With the use of milestones they get to see where your company has been compared to where it is now. Use visuals to show the differences to show what your office or shop used to look like and what it looks like today. You could also include a written description of those changes. Even better are you gaining new accounts? Share them as a milestone! Have you or any of your employees attended training recently? This too can be shared as a milestone that adds value to your paintless dent repair business.

2. Your Profile Photo And Cover Photo – If you’re looking to make a statement then you really want to put some thought into how your profile photo is working with your cover photo. Your cover photo is the large rectangular box and of course your profile photo is the small avatar box. Take some great before and after photos of work you have done for a striking image. Your profile photo could be of your business logo. Another quick example: have a favorite car, use it for your cover photo and your profile photo can be your business name. You get the idea I’m sure. It’s pleasing to the eye and is easy to locate when clicking through. It also sears the image in your viewers mind.

3. Be Aggressive With Your Photos – People are visual. We need to tap into this attribute aggressively and wisely. You should be using a variety of images. Such as pictures of damaged cars you are going to repair, your customers happily looking at their repaired car after the work is done, a day in the life pictures of your employees (if you have them) or yourself. Images of you on the job… the tireless paintless dent repair technician!

4. The Use Of Branding Apps – Using apps to promote your brand has never been so prevalent Many are using them to promote their brand and they are quite effective. They distinguish you from others and that’s what you want right? They give your page more visual appeal and are engaging.

5. About Us And Its Power – Your About Us is prime real estate. It is positioned just under your cover picture. Use this space wisely with your CTA (call-to-action) and your contact info. This encourages your viewers to contact you and/or heading over to your site. Either way, it quickly increases your sites traffic and depending on where they are in your sales funnel, could also help with your ROI from social media. There’s a lot of Power in this prime real estate so use it well.

6. Customer Contact – Customers use Facebook’s platform to complain about products or services. Use this as a way to reach out to customers that have had an issue with your business! Prior to Facebook’s timeline upgrades, you as a business, were not able to contact your disgruntled customer. Now you have the access to their information so that you can respond and attempt to diffuse the situation, privately if you choose to. This can go a long way in protecting your hard earned reputation. There is no need for your brand to be potentially destroyed by just one person. Be sure, no matter how difficult, to contact this customer and protect your reputation.


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