Paintless Dent Repair Gone Wrong

Flush, there goes your money again…right down the drain. Paintless dent repair gone wrong is sadly not uncommon. What do you do if some jerk on the street jumps on your hood and left a dent? Fix it yourself or hire a professional? There are things you can learn from YouTube and others that obviously require a professional to fix. There are various pdr kits and tools that look fairly simple but paintless dent removal is not nearly as easy as the informercials would have you believe.

The first step is picking the proper tools for the job. A proper tool kit for paintless dent repair can cost $3,000+. Some of them are cheap, examples on eBay, but low low prices should raise red flags. The cheaper the product the more likely it will break or damage your automobile. Other kits are expensive but to be fair, if you buy the right kit the first time you can perform multiple repairs later. Order today the best tools on the market.

What’s the difference between expensive and cheap PDR tools?

High-end tools are intended to be used along the inside panel of the vehicle. Pros use these tools instead of dismantling a car to fix a dent. It can be a chore to remove body panels and multiple interior pieces to reach a single dent. The alternative is a smaller, less expensive kit like our 2017 PDR Starter Kit. This method is for smaller dent repair generally with glue. It’s a simple glue, twist or pull, and pop out the damage. Yes, this is simple but without proper knowledge you can actually pop a deeper dent the opposite direction.

Scenario: Some jerk jumped on my hood and left a dent!

Okay now that you know the general idea of repairing your damage lets drop into a scenario. A dent in a hood is a good starter challenge. But as you can probably guess even a shallow dent can be made worse by an amateur. Remember this is a job for a steady hand, strong control, and a gentle pace. Don’t rush it! Making matters worse is easy when you don’t know what you’re doing. You can massage out a dent and soon realize you’ve pushed it just a little too far. There’s no easy way to shrink it back down. Take the time to learn what to do and practice on another vehicle. Day classes are offered at many paintless dent repair shops, from the basic to professional courses.

Just remember, sometimes it’s better to pay a pro if you don’t intend to become one yourself.


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