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Dent Dangers In Your Garage

dent dangers in your garage

Dent Dangers In Your Garage

Oh no! Is your garage over crowded by miscellaneous items and saggy skyscraper boxes? This is a growing sign that you are putting your vehicle and person at risk. You’re stacking dominos ready to fall down on your car or you, costing you hundreds in repairs or medical bills. Don’t let your Christmas decorations cost you. Preventing auto body damages is as easy as organizing your garage space.

B&D To The Rescue

Today we received a call in the morning from a obviously melancholy customer. She was franticly searching for a paintless dent repair technician because a stack of her family heirlooms had fallen over in her garage onto the hood of her car. Her new Mercedes Benz now has an obvious, ugly dent and some minor dings from the falling boxes. To our surprise the paint wasn’t scratched and it was far less damaged than described. We offered her several options on how to do the repairs herself and a few local technicians who went through our paintless dent repair day classes.

She chose one of our local pdr technicians and said she intended to rearrange her garage asap. This sadly isn’t the first time we’ve gotten one of these calls. Sometimes it’s not the hail that gets us but the snow globe from last Christmas on the top shelf.

Stop Dent Dangers In Your Garage

  1. Start Fresh – Move everything out of the garage to have a clear vision of how much space you really have and what needs to go. It helps to have a clear vision when organizing a space. Don’t open boxes yet, only move them outside.
  2. Tidy Up! – Start sweeping out the dust and setting up donation or landfill piles. You’d be surprised how many boxes are filled with items you would never use or are 20+ years old. This is a great time to not only get rid of clutter but to also save family heirlooms from getting damaged in the garage or lost.
  3. Upgrade Lighting – How long has it been since you’ve changed your garage lighting? It’s time to turn your dungeon into a showroom for your vehicle. Upgrade your lighting fixtures to efficient bulbs not only illuminates your vehicle but also saves you money.
  4. Toss it or Donate It – Yes, we know how hard it is to part with things and stuff but it needs to happen for safety and serenity. Look at your piles and choose more items to add to the donation or landfill piles. Think of it this way, the less you have the less you have to reorganize. Get rid of ancient appliances and anything you haven’t used in a year.
  5. Organize – Based on your space you can choose to add new shelving, cabinets, containers, etc. Using containers (we recommend The Container Store) instead of boxes protects your personal items. Containers are water tight and strong against critter infestations. They also don’t sag over time like cardboard boxes. Shelving and cabinets are strong structures that hold clutter off the floor and are less likely to fall on your vehicle. Walls are a great place to store items instead of overflowing valuable floor space. Make sure to follow the instructional recommendations during installation and to not over fill them.

By following these simple steps you can increase the safety of your garage space and vehicle. If you have any further questions or concerns about your vehicle or paintless dent repair please contact us at (714)742-0520.

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