1 Piece Lined-Gradient Reflector Board – 4 Options Available

$ 15.00

1 Piece Lined-Gradient Reflector Board – 4 Options Available

1 Piece Lined-Gradient Reflector Board – 4 Options Available (stand not included) gives the paintless dent repair technician to choose the board best for their dent removal job. The reflection becomes distorted where the dent is and makes it easier to repair. The dent is completely gone when the distorted image or lines become parallel in the reflection. The material of the reflector board is made from a tough polyvinyl chloride composite material. This material makes it strong and flexible. The board is manufactured by professionals to have bevelled edges and chamfered corners to guarantee a secure fit.

1 Piece Lined-Gradient Reflector Board – 4 Options Available – Imports

Because we pride ourselves on providing the best to our customers, we make sure each tool and accessory is strong and durable. Our imports ship directly to us. As as result tools get to you much, MUCH faster. Overseas purchases tend to take weeks to deliver and come with limited warranties. Rather than shipping back and forth, at your cost, you can order from B&D. Ordering from us guarantees excellent customer service, faster tool replacements, and B&D lifetime warranty. Seems like it’s a great deal when you buy from B&D. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach a sales associate at (714)742-0520. B&D Innovative Tools operation is Monday through Friday from 8am – 2:30pm.

Why B&D

Buying a quality tool will save you from lots of time lost trying to repair damaged tools made of cheap materials. You also risk the chance of damaging yourself when you use questionable tool brands. Not to mention B&D high quality tools last much, MUCH longer! As a result, we pride ourselves to have an extraordinary team of craftsmen. Craftsmen whose knowledge, experience, and creativity produce B&D’s superior products. B&D believes your paintless dent removal tools are more than tools, they’re your livelihood. We guarantee to make the best lifter on the market! Our lifetime warranty and USA manufacturing doesn’t hurt either.

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