75mm Aluminum PDR Hot Pink Mini T Bar Glue Puller

$ 30.00

75mm Aluminum PDR Hot Pink Mini T Bar Glue Puller

75mm Aluminum PDR Hot Pink Mini T Bar Glue Puller delivers great pull at ease for hands on dent removal. It’s black shaft and hot pink handle are forged from aluminum. It’s 75mm by 100mm of strong pulling power. If you want more control during a dent repair this tool is ideal.

75mm Aluminum PDR Hot Pink Mini T Bar Glue Puller – Application

Nothing is more annoying than not having the tool to do the job. This tool is great for front glue pulling with hand control instead of using a minilifter. The strength of this hand puller tool is great for dings, dents, hail damage, and so much more. As a result, application is easy. Firstly, apply the proper glue (depends on climate, notify a sales associate to receive the proper glue sticks) on the dented area. Then apply a tab to the glue and let dry. If you’re unsure which tab to use you can always notify us or refer to our instructional dvd, which comes with our pdr kits. Then use your hand puller tool, carefully to not cause additional damage to the auto body, to gently pull the tab. As a result, with experience and patience the dent will pull and the final step is scrapping off the glue.

Why B&D Imports

Buying an imported tool from a reputable paintless dent repair manufacturer saves you from lots of time lost waiting days to weeks for tools to arrive. We house several imported tools and accessories in our Santa Ana, California location. We are ready to quickly ship your tools in less time and accompanied with our lifetime warranty. When you buy from overseas manufacturers you risk having to wait several days for the item to return and even more if they send the wrong tool or its malfunctioning.

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Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 7.1 × 5.9 × 1 in


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